Te-Te has developed two new courses, also in co-operation with BW gas, which give this safey courses priority to inside crew, both engine and deck officers.  

Different countries, Same Regulations - IEC 92 Te-Te Ex/Atex Competance Te-Te have developed and introduced two new courses for personnel working on tankers. Since the year 2000 more than 500 participants (engineers/electricians/deck officers) from many big companies home and abroad have joined these courses. Our references, your garanty. Training centers in co-operation with Te-Te: 3 Days "Explosion Protection Course" gives "green certificate" to all personnel working on oil, gas, chemicals, FPSO e.g. The Course is built on the new "Tankshipnorm IEC 60092-502" ( IMO 2006/2007). Since 2002 more than 500 participants , engineers, deck-officers and has been trained by Te-Te. Courses is held in Oslo, Manila, Warsaw and Mumbai..see ref.list. We can also offer 1 Day "Electrical safety Course" called FSE in Norway and is mandatory to all NIS/NOR ships.( source SD) All personnel which operates electrical installation onboard shall have this course, with refreshing every 12 month.( Ships without electrician also included) Somebody must operate el.installations onboard.